Above Ground Imagery has its roots in professional photography, with over 10 years of experience in the field. Moving the lens from the ground to the air allows AGI to capture all the angles needed. AGI is dedicated to delivering only the best images to its clients. Contact AGI to discuss your project and receive a quote.

Take It For A Spin!

Above Ground Imagery's website redo is complete! Huge thanks to Jennifer Zieg (Lewis), Jason Lewis and the entire team at Lewis Media Group. Jennifer and her team were incredibly patient and professional with me. She took the time to understand what was important to...



Morning fog - pea soup when you’re in it, cotton candy when you’re above it. Safe traveling!

Night Lights

Night Lights

On location shooting the new Division 30 Apartments in SE Portland, OR. I called this neighborhood home for 15 years. So great to see it thriving!

Blue Pond

More air time for my training and your entertainment. Constantly working technique for improvement. Grateful for the beautiful training grounds.

No Camera

This post is for all the moments that I see something beautiful but don’t take the time to capture it. A trip to the coast this weekend to surf with a buddy created tons of those moments. The sun breaking the horizon on the drive out for dawn patrol. The mist in the...

Practice then Play

Sweet morning at the Oregon coast. Warm water, playful waves, and abundant sea life. Such a joy to fly and capture some footage before diving in to a fun surf session. We are so lucky to have this playground!

Those 3 Words

No better start to a job than hearing the client say, “Work your magic.”

Cascade Relief Team in Kentucky

This mission was heavy and delicate at the same time. Wendy and Smitty were so generous to share their story. I have no idea how they were strong enough to talk about their recent loss, while their house was being demolished in the background. Marc Brooks and Cascade...

The Shift

The Shift

Prepping for tomorrow’s mission. I love that moment when “I got this” shows up!!

Always practicing

A clear day in December means get out and fly. Not many opportunities in the Pacific NW during winter to get the drones up to practice- a clear day is a rarity. I took advantage of this day to get my back up drone up in the air and re familiarize myself with all its...